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6.1 All SeyID users are able to view and access their personal data in their SeyID profile.
6.2 The personal data in a SeyID users’ profile was acquired either from government sources or provided by the users themselves.
6.3 The data available in a SeyID profile may be shared with third party services which have integrated with SeyID upon the consent from the SeyID user.
6.4 The data collected by SeyID and shared to third party services may be used to facilitate the use of those services by auto filling out forms for sign up or filling out forms on checkout, as well as help third parties to reduce manual data management which will aide in ensuring the quality and accuracy of the data on their users.

The personal data being shared is as stated below.

Data collected          Source
Given Names NPD
Last Name NPD
Date of Birth NPD
Addresses Provided by User
Email Address Provided by User
Phone Number Provided by User
Photo NPD
Organization Provided by User
Job Title Provided by User