SeyID Security

Your SeyID contains your personal information so it should be kept safe. This page provides cyber threat awareness information for you to safeguard your SeyID.

Keeping your SeyID safe

Below are some information to follow to keep your SeyID safe from cyber threats.

Safeguard your SeyID Password, SeyID App PIN and SeyID Digital Certificate passphrase.

Choose secure password for your SeyID Password and SeyID Digital Certificate passphrase.

A strong password is a combination of letters and punctuation marks. Passwords must be 8-64 characters in length. It has at least an uppercase letter, a lower case letter, and a number. It must not contain the characters: space, "=".

Enable Two Factor Aunthentication (2FA) on your SeyID Account.

SeyID Account: Ensure that the website domain you're accessing is with a 'lock' icon in the address bar.

SeyID App: Ensure that the URL domain displayed for downloading the SeyID App's consent page is.

SeyID App Consent: Always check the details on your app consent screen carefully before you verify your identity for a transaction.

SeyID Portal: Ensure that the website domain you're accessing is with a 'lock' icon in the address bar.

Beware of your surroundings and never allow others to watch you enter your SeyID login and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) details.

Always log out of the digital services (on your internet browser or Apps) after you have completed your transaction.

Ensure using an encrypted connection for your digital services and Apps.

Ensure your computer's operating system, web browsers and other software security patches are up to date. Only install software and updates from official sources.

How is your SeyID Protected

Our SeyID platform provides advanced security features that allows you to transact with peace of mind, such as

  • Encryption technology is employed to protect your electronic transactions and personal data.
  • Digital certificates to protect your emails and electronic documents using the S/MIME standard.
  • Strong authentication mechanisms:
    • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) with the use of your SeyID App Authenticator, digital certificate or email to access your SeyID account
    • Combining your SeyID password and personal identification number (PIN) to access your SeyID App

SeyID is built in partnership with WiseKey OISTE, one of the market leaders in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). At the core of the SeyID platform, we use OpenID Foundation's "OpenID Connect" (OIDC) identity Protocol that is trusted by big companies such as Microsoft and Google.


Cyber Security Practices

As much as possible use two factor authentication.

As much as possible make sure your device is secured with biometrics.

Make sure to log out on any online services as soon as you’re done.

If you suspect any malicious activity or you are in doubt about your SeyID security, feel free to contact us for clarifications.